Refresh your interiors.

I firmly believe that we can all benefit from interior design, not just the 1%.
Interior design isn't just about plumping cushions it's about making sure your home really works for you. I charge completely transparently so you will always understand what I will charge you.

Zoe Murphy

Authentic contemporary interiors.

As an interior designer my job is to humanise structural space. This is best achieved by working out what is important to you and how you want to live. 

I work in a collaborative way, respecting both my client’s taste and lifestyle to create practical and inviting spaces which flex with your needs.

I take on both residential and commercial projects. I give advice on all aspects of interior design – from layouts and lighting right through to off the shelf and bespoke furniture.

Because I run my own business I don’t have a set of rules I have to follow on each job. Some people will need more help than others and there may be some aspects of the work you are more comfortable directing than others.

I work on my own so all work is done by me so I only take on what I can manage on my own. I work primarily in urban London. In the last few years I’ve worked on projects in Herne Hill, East Dulwich, Dulwich Village, Peckham, Nunhead, Brixton, Shoreditch, Hackney, Clapham, Clerkenwell and Notting Hill. 


I charge completely transparently.
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Initial Consultation

I offer a two hour initial consultation service for £150 + VAT. Call or email me to book a time. 

We can discuss what you are planning to do and next steps. I will be able to give you some immediate advice.

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Design Fee

I charge a design fee of £85 + VAT per hour. I record my time on an app and invoice monthly. 

For larger projects, I often charge a fixed fee based on the amount of help you need.

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Share of Discount

Many suppliers offer trade discounts.

If I am able to negotiate trade discounts (normally 25-40%) on any product orders – such as bathroom kit, tiles or furniture – I split the discounts with my clients.

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