Hollingbourne Road, Herne Hill

I’ve been involved right from the start on this family home in Herne Hill. I recommended the architect and then sat in on all of the tender process. In the build stage I was there a couple of times a week checking detail and helping to make all those small decisions which turn a good project into a great project.

The colour scheme on this project is fabulous. One of the clients is Brazilian and we decided early on that we would  develop a bold scheme. The clients still took some persuading to really go for it though,  in particular, there was some wobbles over the idea of using a terracotta on the walls of the front room but they are now are super pleased with the result. Visitors often comment on the colour scheme too – its bold and usual but really works. 

There are some on-trend elements to this project. But it doesn’t mean they have to date the project. For instance, the terrazzo is just coming into use in residential projects in the UK but the family had it in their apartment in Brazil so it’s a classic for them. 

The bespoke picture window makes a welcome change from bi fold doors and suits our temperamental climate better.