Obviously I love all aspects of interior design. But – like Animal Farm – some bits are more equal than others. *Whisper it* I love colour schemes the most. I find clients are often quite fearful of colour. I totally get it – if you sit in a kitchen with 15 small white squares painted on the walls trying to work out what colour to paint your new extension you are going to end up (a) sick to death of the sight of the samples and (b) nervous of picking the wrong colour and ruining £100,000 worth of work in one fell swoop. I can help. 
The process of developing a colour scheme is rather pleasingly low tech. I go through the clients’ own possessions to see what sort of colours of things they already own, the types of colours they like – then make sure that chimes with the sort of feeling they want to create in their own home. We then work with large scale colour swatches to build up a palette. Typically I’d use 10-12 colours for a whole house. Then then often gets adjusted to take account of final finishes (tiles/wood/ worktops have to work with the overall plan). The aim is to produce a flexible and versatile scheme for walls, furnishings, furniture, finishes, accessories etc.
The client in this house wanted to work with the existing vibe in their basement kitchen and living space – drawing inspiration from their love of dark wood and the fact big steel framed windows will enable them to really see their garden for the first time ! We puled the colour scheme from a mood board we developed together. It’s an old school process but it works.