Sundog Pictures, Clerkenwell

Sundog Pictures, Clerkenwell

Sundog Pictures came to me having found a space on St John Street in Clerkenwell that was currently unoccupied and unloved. Taking charge of the creative process together, we have developed a space that meets their current needs but is also aspirational for the future of their production company. Sundog Pictures focuses on ‘social production’, where engagement and ‘shareability’ are hardwired into the way they tell stories.

Offices and commercial spaces are in a really interesting transitional phase. Commercial interiors are taking lessons from other interior spaces – residential, hotels and restaurants – and rethinking the traditional format. We’re moving away from the traditional layout with enclosed boxes for the managers and an open plan space for other employees.

Just as our home environments reflect our personalities, offices should reflect the brand values of the business. This can be expressed in the use of the logo and colours but is more effective when the space itself is designed to reflect the brand.

We made an early decision to spend the bulk of the budget on the flooring and lighting – two elements which are difficult to upgrade at a later date. As an office it was essential that the lightning was top notch and we have chosen to layer the lighting to achieve the best results. There are track lights to provide good background lighting and pendants dropped over the tables to provide pools of light where they are needed most. To save costs we kept the existing lighting positions in the ceiling and then made a feature out of the long cabling loops needed to ensure that the pendants were positioned over the tables, specifying it yellow – the accent colour in the colour scheme.

Sam, Johnny and the rest of the team are excited and energised to be part of the creative community in Clerkenwell, with Sam Branson saying:

“Watch out Farringdon, Sundog Pictures are in our new digs ! Such an exciting moment for us. Thanks to Zoe from stealth design, our vision for our new offices has been realised and a new era of Sundog has arrived.”